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How safe is online shopping?

You can be rest assured that the entire process is protected by 256 bit encryption that will protect your information and make for a safe shopping experience!

Is there a minimum for deliveries?

Not at all, no order is too small or too big!

Do you ship outside Ontario?

Yes we do! We have warehouses in different provinces to conveniently provide you with the fastest delivery possible!

How do I know your cigars are Authentic?

We are one of the very few designated as "Habanos Specialist" which is a proud insignia that is given to tobacconists that provide professional and quality among tobacco so you can be rest assured our products are authentic Check us out Here!

What are your Payment Methods?

We accept Visa & Mastercard currently. We are adding American Express very soon as well. Once we receive your payment we will send you confirmation and prepare your order!

Do You Have Same-Day Delivery?

Yes we can! Orders placed before 4pm EST can be delivered same day within 5 Kilometers radius of our location! Please contact us after placing your order to confirm & expedite your delivery!

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